The Wasteland .22 is a ranged weapon and can be equipped in one of the Primary Slots.

The rifle itself is the first gun most fathers give to their children, but small game hunters prefer it as it won't vaporize a squirrel or rat like a hunting rifle or shotgun. Great for short to medium range encounters, the rifle holds 15 rounds. Fires faster than the Carlington BA-70 due to its lever action design, and has an iron sight aperture.

Contains one 'Attachment' slot - for ammo. (Developers have mentioned in the future there will be weapon attachments.)

Items that can be attached to this weapon:

Trivia Edit

  • The Wasteland .22 appears to be based on the Winchester Model 9422, chambered for .22 Long Rifle ammunition. In-game, the rifles appears with tape on the stock and wire strapped onto the forearm.

Gallery Edit

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