"The mutants are stealing our jobs!" - Anonymous farmhand


Rollin' and Tractin'

The tractor might be the worst vehicle; it's slow, seats one, and has no real torque, it's inventory is 10 slots, and the player isn't protected while driving it. It has a flip-flop hanging from the right rearview mirror. It's only advantage might be that it protects you from the sun. And that it's such a terrible choice of vehicle that one is always available somewhere. However, it's 10 slot inventory and ability to carry backpacks makes it a popular choice as a packmule and permenent storage fixture in many bases.

Spawns Edit

-Many rural areas and farms.

-Woodhaven Shop-N-Save

-Curiously, the middle of the street near the bridge in woodhaven seems to be spawn, oddly enough.

Unfortunately, I do not have very many locations I know of that aren't just middle of nowhere locations. We could really use an up-to-date spawn map!

Peculiarities Edit

Because of it's absence of a cabin around the player as protection from the outside, a player riding a tractor near mutants will aggro them; they will try to hit the player by standing between front and back wheels and attacking. Unlike the ATV, which features the same absence of protection, the tractor can run over Brute mutants.

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