Survivotron VI is a walkie-talkie which you can use to talk to other survivors in Miscreated. You can change channels by pressing [PAGE UP] and [PAGE DOWN]. The Survivotron VI also has other features like compass, elevation, coordinates which can be accessed by pressing the [CONTROL] button.

The Survivotron VI supports communication and navigation modes; after it has been turned on with a mouse click.

The modes can be toggled between using CTRL. All keys can be rebound.

In navigation mode it will display the longitude and latitude as well as a compass, the speed overground and the elevation.

In communication mode it will display the band, the frequency and the current game time.

Each of the bands have their differences (bands can be changed by pressing HOME and PAGE up/down)

- CB 26.965 MHz - 27.405 MHz / 40 channels (Low quality communication)

- FM 87.8 MHz - 108.0 MHz / 5 channels (High quality receive)

- VHF 6M - 50 MHz - 54 MHz / 40 channel (Medium quality communication)

- VHF 2M - 144 MHz – 146 MHz / 20 channel (High quality communication)

- VHF 1.25M - 222 – 225 MHz / 30 channel (High quality communication) The channels can be switched by pressing or holding the PAGE up/down keys.

Survivors are able to hear the output in a 7 meter range (same as whisper) around someone using the radio.

Survivotron Compass

Player's view of the Survivotron VI with use of compass