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The "Spiker" or "Spike-arm" is a type of mutant present in Miscreated. It uses a long spike on its right arm as a melee weapon.

A Spiker Mutant will attack any players or deer on sight.

Behavioral AnalysisEdit

Mutants roam in a zone of about 25 meters (this needs to be verified); they will attack players that are sprinting around them by rushing towards them and using their spike as a melee weapon.

Mutants will not follow the player indefinitly and will stop attacking and return to their roaming zones once the player is out of their follow range.

Mutants seem to have trouble with players entering houses, and will stop attacking and return to their original roaming zones them once they do. This is also true for players jumping on places zombies find hard to reach, cars, piles of detritus, etc... Now mutants can throw rocks at players who are out of reach, for example on top of a car.

Mutants are a bit slower than players, so outrunning them  for survival is always an option.

Health and AttackEdit

Mutants are strong, trying to beat them with fists is fighting a losing battle, it takes around 13 punches to kill a Spiker Mutant.

Each hit a mutant manages to land will hurt the player for 10-11 HP, and has a chance of creating bleeding on the player.

A mutant will go down after 3 hits from an axe (hammer, pickaxe)


Some mutants carry loot which can be taken from the corpse once the mutant is killed. Unfortunately, not all carry loot inside.


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