The Smoke Grenade, is a Throwable weapon. It can only be equipped in Secondary Slots.

Overview Edit

The Smoke Grenade is a canister-type grenade used for signaling and/or screening.

When landing after thrown, the Smoke Grenade will release a cloud of smoke after a few seconds of fuse time.

The Smoke Grenade is available in Magenta, White, Yellow, and Green.

Color variations


Ingame smoke
Green Smoke Grenade
Magenta Smoke Grenade Magentasmokegrenade46 Magentasmokegrenadelaunched
Red Smoke Grenade
GasGrenade Red Icon
White Smoke Grenade Whitesmokegrenade46 Whitesmokegrenadelaunched
Yellow Smoke Grenade Yellowsmokegrenade46
Green Smoke Grenade

Trivia Edit

  • The Smoke Grenade is based on the AN M18 Colored Smoke Grenade used by the U.S. Army