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The Sedan can carry 2 people in the front and 3 people in the back for a total of 5. It´s the most common spawning car in cities. It´s highly maneuverable and has a good top speed. The Sedan can spawn in the colors black, yellow, green, red and white. There are also 2 other versions of the Sedan: The Police Sedan and the Taxi Sedan. Despite the Taxi being a reskin of the Sedan, it has different spawns. This is also true for the Police Sedan.

Other Versions Edit

Taxi Sedan Edit

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The Taxi Sedan has a look which is inspired by a cab of New York. It´s yellow with black writing on it. On the roof it has a taxi sign. The performance is the same as of the normal Sedan. There has been a single sighting of a Red Taxi, however this could've been a glitch or a hoax, and no video or picture evidence to back it up.

Police Sedan Edit

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The Police Sedan has a look which is inspired by a police car of Los Angeles. In the front it´s black, in the middle white and in the back black. On the hood and the trunk is a label saying ´Police´. In the front it has an extra bumper. On the roof the Police Sedan has a siren and round lights. The siren can be turned on by pressing ´T´. The top speed is higher than the top speed of the normal Sedan which makes the Police Sedan the fastest car in the game.



-The Sultan Gas Station on the other side of the bridge from the Sultan Church.

-A driveway in Sultan

-Pinecrest Capital Munch

-Brightmoor Residential Area; An alley behind Marco's Bar.

-Hayward Residential Driveway

-An Alleyway behind the Law Offices in Hayward Valley

-The larger of the two 24s (That lacks gas pumps outsides)


-Pinecrest Shop-N-Save

-Sultan Gas Station

-Woodhaven Gas Station

-Brightmoor 24 parking lot

-Hayward Residential; A cul-de-sac

-Hayward Valley, an Alleyway near the Bueno

-Hayward Valley Underground Parking Lot (No video or picture evidence yet to back this up, someone please confirm.)


-Hayward Valley Police Station (Back)

-Hayward Valley Police Station (Entrance Area)

-Hayward Valley, an open area of road next to the Hotel and Refugee Center.

NOTE: These are not even close to all the spawns. Please add some if you know some, or better yet, a map of all sedan, taxi and Police Car spawns.

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