Rocky Ripple Trailer Park (2)

Entrance to Rocky Ripple

A small, simple trailer park next to the river that connects to the ocean (see Miscreated map for more identification as to where it is). Lots of vegetation, overrun by plants. Also has 4 sheds full of various equipment. Some of it can be salvaged for Wood, Nails and Electronic Parts.


Inside the Trailers you can find food and drinks, in the bedroom closet you can (rarely) find guns with or without ammo on the shelves or on cardboard boxes depending on the trailer. From experience usually the guns that spawn are AT-12 Shotgun, Renegade 700 and various pistols like the M1911-A1 and Crafted 9mm Pistol.

Rocky Ripple Trailer Park (1)

View of Rocky Ripple Trailer Park




Do vehicles spawn in this area?: Yes (ATV)

Can your player spawn their after death?: Yes

How often is this spawn?: From experience, almost never but it can happen, your character spawn is very randomized.


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