The Refugee Center is a building in Hayward Valley.

Overview Edit

The Refugee Center is a building in Hayward Valley that belonged to the ACHCR Refugee Agency. It appears to have been under construction at the time of the apocalypse. The building itself is boarded up and almost completely covered in blue Tarp, rendering its interior inaccessible. The building is surrounded by scaffolds and various other construction equipment.

Loot Edit

Players only have access to the Refugee Center's exterior and its surroundings. The building's scaffolds are known for being a hotspot for high-tier loot spawns, thus making it a Location frequently visited by Players.

The Refugee Center is one of, if not the best place to find loot. It often spawns various weapons, including the AT-15 Civilian Rifle, Mod16 Assault and DD-Mk18, and various shotguns, bolt-action rifles and sidearms.

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