A Plot Sign is the first thing a player must build in order to create a base of any sort. The sign basically reserves the surrounding area for the player's use, thus denying any other player the same.

In order to place it, the Plot Sign must first be crafted and in the character's inventory. Once a location has been decided on, right click the Plot Sign to display it in front of your character. The sign will be highlighted in green if the location is suitable, or in red if the location is forbidden. Using default keys, holding down Alt while shifting the mouse sideways will rotate the sign. Once a suitable spot has been found, left clicking will plop down the Plot Sign.

Forbidden placement locations :

  • Towns (including surrounding areas)
  • Buildings (excluding radio/water towers)
  • Airfield
  • Caves
  • Within 200m of another player's base
  • On top of water

Once placed, the Plot Sign allows the placement of base structures within a radius of about 30m wide and 9m above and below the sign. If left unattended, Plot Signs as well as other structures can despawn over time. A lone Plot Sign will disappear in a few days, while a larger base will take a longer time to despawn. Additionally, the Plot Sign is invulnerable as long as other base structures are present within its area.

A commonly overlooked tactic is to hide a Plot Sign and a Small Wood Crate within heavy brush and use it as a secret stash. Raiders will not raid something they haven't found. Also, while the forbidden areas deny several locations, players can actually place the Plot Sign and accompanying structures outside the playable limits of the map. This greatly lowers the chance that someone will stumble onto the hidden stash.