A partially geared player aiming a 9mm Handgun

The player character is the avatar controlled by the player. Currently, all player models are identical, and only differentiated by the clothing they wear.

Spawning Edit


A newly spawned player waving

Players will always spawn with a 2-slot shirt, 4-slot pants, shoes, and a flashlight. Additionally, random common accessories may be provided on the eyes and head slots.

Players will spawn anywhere south of the map in fixed spawn locations from Horseshoe Beach to the Lumber Yard.

Health and attack Edit

Fresh spawns or "Bambis" ( players that have just spawned) have full health, 80% hunger and thirst, and 0% radiation levels.

The only options for attacking as a fresh spawn are punching, kicking, or hitting with the flashlight.

A player will die once their health falls below 0%. Death is permanent

Players can be rendered unconscious.

If the hunger or thirst level reaches zero, the player will start losing health until food or water is consumed.

Inventory Edit

Primaries and secondaries Edit

There are two weapon slot types in Miscreated:

  • Two primary slots, which are accessible by default using the '1' and '4' keys, and which can only contain two-handed weapons such as rifles or axes.
  • Two secondary slots, which are accessible by default using the '2' and '3' keys, and which can only contain one-handed weapons such as handguns or hammers.

Clothing and apparel Edit

The player possesses 12 clothing slots and 1 backpack slot. Each of them can contain it's type of clothing, and nothing else.

The different clothing slot types are:

  • Face
  • Eyes
  • Neck
  • Torso
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Calf (2) - Use not yet implemented
  • Thighs (2) - Use not yet implemented
  • Forearm - Use not yet implemented

Gestures Edit

The player can emote a number of gestures and whistle, using the F2 to F11 keys:

  • (F2) - Putting your hands up in a surrendering motion.
  • (F3) - Waving.
  • (F4) - Middle finger (the bird, flipping someone off).
  • (F5) - Stop.
  • (F6) - Come here.
  • (F7) - Thumb up.
  • (F8) - Thumb down.
  • (F9) - Shhh (Voip whisper).
  • (F10) - Point finger forward.
  • (F11) - Whistle (sound).

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