Patch #6 - 11/11/2014 Edit

Game Edit

  • [ Updated ] Implemented workaround for Crytek physics engine issue that caused serious performance degradation on the servers. This should help with server connectivity issues.

World Edit

  • [ New ] Hardware shop prefab added.
  • [ Fixed ] All doors in the world can only open in one direction. Open sesame!
  • [ Fixed ] Many more rocks replaced with new version.

Combat Edit

  • [ Fixed ] Incorrect melee damage multiplier. Less sporadic melee damage.
  • [ Fixed ] Removed melee auto-facing when attacking. Adds a little more skill to melee combat.

User Interface Edit

  • [ Removed ] Miscreated watermark in the top left corner removed.

Items Edit

  • [ New ] Hat added.
  • [ New ] Boots added.
  • [ Fixed ] Item descriptions updated (especially that motorcycle helmet one).

Materials/Models Edit

  • [ Fixed ] Physics proxy added to the gas station roof.
  • [ Fixed ] Several updates to items' textures and materials to look better.
  • [ Fixed ] Models that had some missing LOD textures (appeared red in game at a distance).
  • [ Updated ] Adjusted player character's textures to look less like wax.

Sounds Edit

  • [ New ] Player pain sounds added.

Roadmap Overview Edit

These are the primary areas we'll be focusing on over the next couple of months. Several of these are already being worked on and we'll release updates to the game as quickly as the features are ready.

  • AI System - We'll be looking into third party solutions instead of using Crytek's system.
  • VOIP - In-game voice with distance cutoff and attenuation
  • Emotes - Animation emotes you can have your character play (wave, flip-off, etc)
  • Map Expansion - Adding new areas to the map
  • Weapons - Adding several new weapons
  • Anticheat - Looking into additional third-party solutions and in-house solutions
  • Buildings - Adding more diversity and larger, more commercial styled buildings
  • Throwing - Add throwing system, so you can hold and throw items
  • Crafting - Expanding the crafting system recipes to make all sorts of fun stuff
  • Base Building - Add base building system back in that will be extended over time
  • UI - Add missing features (keybinds, for example) and additional options
  • Cave System - Add the cave system back in