Weather System Edit

  • The new weather system is included in this patch
  • A server renter can control the weather system
  • The weather system adds lightning, wind, rain, fog, thunder, tornado, and rainbows
  • We will be adding more patterns and variations in the future (suggestions welcome!)
  • See addition information at the end of these patch notes for controlling the weather

New Player Model Edit

  • The new player model is included in this patch
  • Almost all clothing items have had their models and animations adjusted, so there may be some lingering issues we'll fix in a future patch

Game Edit

  • Fixed a couple of server related crashes to increase stability
  • Fixed incorrect "Unable to connect to host" message
  • Each weapon can now have a different sound radius to alert AI when fired/used
  • Terrain view distance set to 2km for everyone - beyond that will cause fog rendering issues
  • Added suppression visual effect when bullet impacts close to a player - intensity varies
  • Game is now using the latest Steam DLLs to prevent any possible issues with Steam
  • Adjusted config variable so there will be less player and AI sliding around issues (not being animated)

Map/World Edit

  • Large plane crash added to the map
  • Small part of the big city's residential area opened up North
  • Fixed some floating and clipping assets in the large office building
  • Added canopies to the Capital Munch building
  • Some small hunting shacks added around the map
  • Fixed being able to use the outside ladder from inside the Shop N Save
  • Fixed decals on some of the campsite tents
  • Missing bathtub added to mobile home
  • Removed old static 5-ton truck objects to cause less confusion on drivable ones
  • Fixed/added rain occluder to buildings to prevent raining inside of them
  • Fixed fish mass to prevent them from ramming boats
  • Adjusted minimum render distance for small equipped weapons so they don't disappear on low spec settings at range
  • Fixed some floating rocks in the shire's forest

Items Edit

  • Old oxford shirts replaced with a new button up shirt
  • Old hoodie replaced with a new hoodie model
  • Old puffy jacket replaced with a new military jacket
  • Kevlar helmet added
  • Decreased shadow cost difference when the torch is on to increase performance, casts softer light
  • Increased smoke grenade's smoke duration, increased smoke density
  • Reduced model complexity of the pipe bomb

Vehicles Edit

  • Handling for all vehicles slightly updated
  • All vehicles "go to sleep" faster when unused - reduces physics and network load

Sounds Edit

  • Thunder sound added
  • Removed sound effect when closing the backpack
  • Firing sounds for the HK45, 1911-A1, and Ruger updated
  • Bullet whiz sound radius increase to 10m instead of 5m
  • 5-ton truck plays correct horn sound

Animations Edit

  • New Spiker "out of reach" animation
  • Weapons now all aim at the same spot in raised or ironsight mode - also when changing weapons
  • Craftable weapons now do not aim slightly to the right in ironsight
  • Rem870 and 870 tactical now no longer have broken DOF when crouching in ironsight
  • All aimposes altered for the new character.
  • All clothing altered for the new character and re-skinned

Models Edit

  • Couple of trees changed to allow wood to be harvested from them
  • Drapes updated to react to wind and bullets better
  • Model for broken white car's model improved
  • Improved performance of the steel building models (especially for low spec settings)
  • LODs added for several weapons to increase performance
  • LODs added for several fences
  • LODs added for radio tower and its ladder
  • LODs added for broken vehicles
  • LODs added for warehouse
  • LODs added for barracks
  • LODs added for commercial apartment buildings
  • Added physics to warehouse windows to prevent jumping through them
  • Consolidated all bus models to use the same one to reduce texture usage
  • Replaced old chain link model with a newer one
  • Wanderer pants model updated to reduce seeing through it at times
  • Fixed missing physics proxy on a cabinet

Textures/Materials Edit

  • Decreased the blur when looking through warehouse windows
  • Adjusted water materials so they "glow" less at night
  • Cobweb surface type changed
  • Decreased size of some of Spiker's textures - were unnecessarily large
  • Wooden shelf texture adjusted
  • Day Spa shop floor textures updated
  • STANAGx30 textures and material updated

Controlling the Weather System (for server renters) Edit

Available weather patterns: Edit

  • 1 | ClearSky
  • 2 | LightRain
  • 3 | HeavyRainThunder
  • 4 | HeavyStorm
  • 5 | TornadoStorm
  • 6 | TornadoRainThunder
  • 7 | LightFog
  • 8 | Rainbow
  • 9 | RainbowHalf

wm_startPattern <# or name> Edit

Can be used to immediately start a weather pattern by name or number. The number 0 will automatically select one.

wm_pattern <x> Edit

Can be used for constantly force a weather pattern.

  • 0 | Means no pattern at all
  • -1 | Means random pattern selection cycle (default)
  • x | See weather pattern list (needs to be a number)

wm_disable <1/0> Edit

Can be used to disable weather/time manager

  • 0 | Weather manager active (default)
  • 1 | Weather/Time deactivated

wm_forceTime <hours> Edit

Can be used to freeze time to a specific hour

  • -1 | Time not frozen
  • 0 | Midnight
  • 6 | Sunrise
  • 12 | Noon
  • 18 | Sunset

wm_timeOffset <hours> Edit

Can be used to offset time from system time on server start up

  • -1 | random offset
  • 0 | no offset
  • 1 | +1 hour offset

use 24-x for real negative offsets (as positive numbers)

wm_timeScale <speedscale> Edit

Scale time of day speed

  • 0.5 | Half of real time
  • 1 | Real time
  • 4 | 4x as fast as real time
  • 512 | 512x as fast as real time

wm_timeScaleNight <speedscale> Edit

Scale of night speed (relative to day)

wm_timeScaleWeather <speedscale> Edit

Scale of weather speed (The weather speed is independent of day/night speed)

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