Game Edit

  • Throw strength can now be varied - hold down the left mouse button longer to throw further (careful with Molotov’s!)
  • Fixed internal timer issue so things like AI movement is smoother
  • Steam DLLs updated to latest version
  • EAC updated to latest version - also fixes some issues with AV issues blocking game access
  • Added some hints to the loading screens for throwing and using the bow
  • Player spawn location height adjusted to prevent spawning in roofs/ceilings
  • Issue with particle effects fixed
  • Player quickly raises his weapon when picking up a weapon and changing weapons, so you can see what's equipped
  • Low health pulsing effect reduced


  • Increased VOIP quality level
  • Increased reaction speed when talking

Weapons Edit

  • Crossbow added (uses bow sounds currently)
  • 357 pistol iron sight is now aligned correctly
  • Arrows now have a visual effect the shooter can see to track them better
  • Fix for seeing a double weapon model at times
  • When using iron sight, it now zooms to the correct zoom level - no need to mouse wheel to zoom in again
  • Weight of the recurve bow reduced

Vehicles Edit

  • Improved physics proxy on the 5-ton truck to help prevent it getting stuck when hitting objects
  • Fixed issue with the camera when entering from third person
  • Smoothed camera when driving
  • Backpacks may be hidden in some vehicles when riding in them to reduce clipping issues

Items Edit

  • Bicycle helmet added
  • Bolts added (for Crossbow)
  • Map added
  • Ammo should no longer disappear when dropped
  • Tarp added
  • Camouflage netting added
  • You can shoot Molotov’s on the ground and they will explode - causes same effect as throwing them
  • Shooting a diesel gas can will create a fire damage area around it - like the Molotov’s do

Crafting Edit

  • Recipes added to build specialized arrows and bolts - fire, poison, ...
  • Requirements to build a sandbag reduced to half of what it was

Base Building Edit

  • Added some small log furniture craftable pieces
  • Added craftable lean-to and a few variations of small shelter walls
  • Added craftable camouflage walls
  • Health increased on the Gatehouse

Combat Edit

  • Fixed accuracy issue when moving and firing (especially when strafing)
  • Kick damage now independent of weapon held
  • Can't harvest from kicking (only using typical melee weapons)
  • Kicking speed fixed
  • Kicking animation now synchronized over the network
  • Can use the sniper scope with the gasmask
  • Arrow speed slightly increased

Map/World Edit

  • Updated the texture for the base terrain for the world - adds more detail
  • Terrain vegetation now blends in with the base terrain color better
  • Textures for several terrain layers updated to look better
  • Specialized environment probes added so metal and glass don't shine so much at night
  • Fixed issue with reflections on the water so it looks a little better
  • Moved a weapon spawner that was under a desk and impossible to loot from
  • Added lens flare to the sun
  • Added shadows on grass for "Very High" spec only
  • Windmills now rotate

AI Edit

  • AI now does half the damage as before
  • Percent change to bleed from AI damage also reduced

Textures/Materials Edit

  • Many improvements and adjustments to textures and materials - 100s of them
  • Some unused textures removed from distribution

Models Edit

  • Some unused models removed from distribution
  • Some huge groups of trash bags replaced with a single, optimized model - a lot more efficient

Animations Edit

  • Crossbow animations
  • Throwing animations improved to fix some issues
  • Adjusted the player's right foot so it doesn't bend oddly

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