Patch #30 - 12/24/15

Game Edit

• Includes AMD Radeon driver fix from Crytek

• Fixed server crash related to a player corpse's second primary slot being active

• Alt+F4 no longer will exit the game (now you can do the middle finger emote while freelooking)

• Shader cache updated again to help reduce stalls while playing

Vehicles Edit

• 5-ton Truck added - longer despawn from unused time, seats for nine players

• Bicycle added, but ONLY on the experimental server because of some known issues being worked on still

Items Edit

• Recurve bow added - still a couple of oddities with it, but will be improved over time

• M1911-A1 pistol added

• Arrows added

• .45 ACP magazine added

• Many variations of the baseball cap added (55 of them)

• Increased in-air lifetime of the bottle and molotov to keep them from exploding in air early

• Increased the velocity of the 9mm round

• Increased the walking speed while using the flashlight

UI Edit

• Added in new splash screen image

• Changed initial screen image to the older Miscreated mutant screen

• Fixed anti-rad mushroom icon

Combat Edit

• Adjusted recoil on several weapons

• Fixed screen centering issue on several weapons

Emotes Edit

• Added thumbs down emote

Map/World Edit

• Adjusted view distances on some house prefabs to increase performance a tiny bit

• Made building enterable at the entrance to the Pinecrest racing area

• Added new flaming barrel prefab

AI Edit

• Removed an unneeded invisible item that was being spawned for each AI

Sounds Edit

• Added in new sound variations for vegetation that moves when touched

• Frog sounds added

• Molotov explosion sound updated

• Footstep sound level slightly reduced

• Footsteps added to the "Crazy" mutant

• Sound now plays when water bottles are refilled

• Swim stroke sound effect added

Textures/Materials Edit

• Decreased smoothness on hemlock trunk material

• Decreased smoothness on pine trunk material

• Added missing material for the greenhouse

• Fixed a creek texture that was using an invalid cubemap (reflection)

• Fixed many missing surface type errors that have been around for a while now

• Several tweaks to the quadbike texture/materials

• Fixed some incorrect physics proxies on the hemlocks and white fir trees

• Tweaked the log cabin textures

• Tweaked the warehouse textures and material

• Decreased the texture size of the light switches

• Optimized the pipe control room proxy and LODs

• Optimized a few tiled terrain textures • And many more...

Models Edit

• Slightly increased the size of the small dome tents, so you can enter them fully again

Animations Edit

• Fixed melee and jump animations with the Torch

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