Patch #3 - 10/30/2014 Edit

Not a large patch this go around, but several noticeable improvements in the game's stability and performance.

Game Edit

  • [ Fixed ] Looted weapons should no longer disappear. They will no longer get sad you killed their former master, and run away.
  • [ Fixed ] Doors have been updated to prevent trapping player in corners or in the floor. You should still knock though, it is rude to barge in like that.
  • [ Fixed ] Several building physics proxies have been updated. Seriously, the BBI will not leave us alone!
  • [ Balance ] Breakable surface types have been disabled in this patch to prevent overloading of error messages. You should see an increase in stability and performance while in game, and while logging into servers.

Items Edit

  • [ Fixed ] Backpack falls to the ground when dropped. Issac Newton would be proud!
  • [ Fixed ] Invisible arms when logging in with flashlight - Thanks, Lirik.

Materials/Models Edit

  • [ Fixed ] Several flickering decals have been fixed/updated. In a flash, the issue has been fixed! Get it...? No? Ok...
  • [ Fixed ] Adjusted store floor so items don't disappear when dropped. In Miscreated, store shops you!
  • [ New ] Added tool-tip descriptions to many items. Just in case you didn't know that nails are not food.

Sounds Edit

  • [ Fixed ] Shell sounds now have distance attenuation, big words that means sounds get quieter over distance.

World Edit

  • [ New ] A group of survivors was seen leaving the fire station in Woodhaven. Maybe they left something behind?
  • [ Updated ] The landscape has been refined and more details have been added.
  • [ Fixed ] General cleanup of prefabs and assets. We had to bust out the old brooms for that one!
  • [ Fixed ] Removed sunken trash in the middle of some living rooms. Even survivors in the apocalypse have some standard.

Spawns Edit

  • [ Updated ] More loot spawns have been added to the world!
  • [ Updated ] The spawn rate for loot has been increased! Your backpacks will be bursting at the seams!