Game Edit

  • Heightmap AO disabled to increase frame rate

Combat Edit

  • Some weapons will no longer auto-center to the middle of the screen after being shot
  • Recoil for some weapons have been adjusted
  • Headshots will now work correctly on AI to kill them easier

Emotes Edit

  • Three more player emotes added: Thumbs up, Point finger, and Shhh (be quiet)

Map/World Edit

  • Opened a new road connection near Pinecrest to the North Valley
  • Added more houses in the North Valley area
  • The top of the middle mountain is now accessible
  • Added more car related loot spawns to the warehouses in the Valley
  • Added skeletons to some houses and environment
  • Added road barriers with blinking lights in the world
  • Added water particle effects and sound on the small stream next to Sultan
  • Replaced gas station with a new prefab outside of Pinecrest
  • Adjusted the sound fall off for flies (should fade in/out better)

Items Edit

  • Three already crafted new weapons added:
  • Crafted 9mm pistol
  • Crafted 5.56 rifle
  • Crafted 9mm burst-mode rifle
  • Three alcohol bottles added - Gin, Vodka, Whisky - for now they just add to hydration levels
  • Molotov particle effect improved again and damage position adjusted
  • Anti-radiation mushroom added
  • Water bottles are refillable
  • Hi-tops shoes added (seven color variations)
  • Adjusted the weight of most shoes

Crafting Edit

  • Molotov crafting recipe adjusted to only need one rubbing alcohol (down from two)

Sounds Edit

  • Decreased flies sound loudness and attenuation distances
  • Sounds added for some boids (little animals)
  • m4a1 fire sound updated
  • 22 rifle fire sound updated

Base Building Edit

  • Gatehouse now has more health

Textures/Materials Edit

  • Jeans texture made to be more efficient
  • Fixed leaf particle effect that was too bright at night
  • Fixed sunglasses with missing lens
  • Adjusted brightness on cattle guard at night

Models Edit

  • Metal rails adjusted on one of the bridges to be the proper metal surface type now when hit
  • Fixed incorrect LOD on the log piles (the LOD was oriented in wrong direction)
  • Cliff walls physics proxy updated - shouldn't be able to hide in them now

Animations Edit

  • Rifles now have a lowered and raised sprint to determine what stance you are in whilst sprinting
  • Hi-tops shoes model skinned
  • Improved skinning around the top of crazy mutant's legs
  • Swimming animations have been improved for both 3p and sfp
  • Swimming animations now trigger particles effects
  • Fixed rifles when jumping in lowered stance. Camera no longer passes through shoulder
  • Added in support for 3 crafted weapons; pistol, rifle, and burst-mode rifle
  • 3 new emote animation; shhh, thumbs up, and pointing

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