Raise/Lower Weapon System Edit

In this patch is a new weapon lowering/raising combat mechanic.

By default you can use the "Tab" key to switch between the two (can be rebound to a key of your choosing).

With your weapon raised, you will run slower in the game, so lower it when you are not in a combat situation.

At any time you can sprint (from lowered or raised weapon position) to sprint at full speed, but need to leave sprint to attack or fire.

Pre-compiled Shader Cache Edit

This patch contains the first iteration of distributing our own pre-compiled shader cache with the game to help reduce stalls while playing.

We will continue to improve the cache each update.

Server Rental Edit

  • Fixed spelling of "http_password" in the hosting config file, so you can change it for your server
  • All rented servers running in whitelisted mode will have the phrase " - Whitelisted Only" appended to their server name
  • First-person only mode should work correctly
  • wm_TimeScale will now work correctly in the hosting.cfg file
  • Removed support for idle time related variables, temporarily
  • Fixed issue with some rcon services not starting, so people renting servers couldn't issue commands

Game Edit

  • White flickering when joining another game is fixed
  • Game will no longer start in fullscreen mode to workaround the mouse scaling issue. You can use Alt+Enter to switch after starting the game if you want to run in fullscreen
  • Smoothed out player and AI movement - less jittering now
  • Increased available network IDs, so busy servers should run longer
  • Fixed server hang caused by a bad output message
  • Server browser will no longer display servers that are still starting up and not ready for players to join yet
  • More adjustments and improvements to the weapon lowering/raising system
  • Adjusted player movement speeds when a weapon is raised - lower weapon to run at full speed
  • Using an ironsight is now synchronized over the network
  • Added "focus zoom" feature - can be used without a weapon also by holding down the right-mouse button
  • Some fixes for head disappearing when scrolling view out
  • Adjusted helper positions for firing, so you can't shoot through objects really close to you
  • Reduced backpack spawn rates - can easily craft a starting one now
  • Camera interpolation changed so it's smoother and has less lag
  • Game sounds still continue to play when the game loses focus - keeps looping sounds from being lost
  • Spawn in rotation and rotation of weapons visible on the player have been fixed for most weapons
  • Player corpses shouldn't float as often and appear in a t-pose as much

Items Edit

All of the four camouflage patterns are now consistent across the various clothing pieces, so you can try to find a complete set, if wanted. The sets are named Woodland, Hunters, Hex, and Desert.

  • Axe added - harvests wood a little better than a Hatchet, does more damage to players
  • Balaclava added - five color variations
  • Wool gloves added - nine color variations
  • Gas mask added
  • Rope added - used in crafting
  • Empty bottle added - used in crafting
  • Craftable horseshoe pack added - works as a backpack - default recipe for everyone
  • Craftable molotov added - can be thrown and explodes - acts more like a grenade for now, but will be improved over time - default recipe for everyone
  • Added seven vegetables that will spawn in food related spots - later you will be able to grow them
  • Added four camouflage versions of the puffy jacket
  • Added four camouflage versions of the cargo pants
  • Added four camouflage versions of the head bandanna
  • Pickaxe changed to a primary slot weapon
  • Added barbed wire coil - used in basebuilding - default recipe for everyone

Base Building Edit

  • Added 2m and 4m barbed wire fence parts

Map Edit

  • New cave added
  • Two new bunkers added
  • Expanded the valley across from Brightmoor that loops around to Woodhaven - Get out and explore the world!

Vehicles Edit

  • Can be repaired by hitting them with the Lug Wrench again
  • Suspension adjusted to reduce vehicles randomly bouncing

Sounds Edit

  • Any vegetation that moves when touched will now make a sound - sounds are still WIP
  • Added ejected shell impact sounds on the ground

AI Edit

  • AI will now be attracted to voice chat in game

Animations Edit

  • Altered crouching movement animations so you can no longer peak through walls
  • Improved no weapon/melee jumping animations for sfp
  • Realigned the camera correctly during idle animations for vehicles
  • Heavy landing animation fixed to remove sliding about of character
  • Added head movement to all lowered weapon poses
  • Added new lowered weapon stance to all weapons
  • Fine tuned raised weapon stance for all weapons, including fists
  • Many other changes to stances

Textures/Materials Edit

  • Adjusted bad normal map on plaster walls
  • Fixed the white car and some trees so they can be harvested for crafting materials
  • Altered color of the default rugged backpack - khaki colored now

UI Edit

  • Tactical keybind renamed to Raise/Lower

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