Note: Because of the new animation system this build can be unstable, so expect some random crashes. Note: After you exit the game it may stay running in the background. Use task manager to kill it.

Experimental Server Only Update Edit

Note: The experimental server will now have its time locked, so it will never be at night for testing.

Game Edit

  • Potential fix for servers getting stuck and not being able to join them (getting sent back to server browser screen)
  • Added settings which can be used to force a server to be locked to an exact time
  • Removed all fog weather patterns for now - will be added back in later when the fog flickering is fixed
  • Fixed crash from turning off the torch or dropping it on the ground
  • Altered Crytek recommended setting that should help reduce stuttering/freezing while playing

Items Edit

  • Light from the flashlight and torch is no longer obscured by their own model (was causing odd behaving shadows)
  • Adjusted physics proxies on ranged weapons so they don't bounce around when dropped

Animations Edit

  • Rifle melee animations updated

Patch 24: Edit

This is a massive update to the game and almost every file in the game has changed as a result. It will require a full download from Steam - approximately 7GB in size.

To access the experimental version of the game, follow these instructions:

Game Edit

  • Rendering engine updated to use the amazing SVOTI system from Crytek
  • Texture flickering greatly reduced
  • Better texture compression - uses less VRAM and more efficiently streams to the GPU
  • Less stutters while playing caused by textures being loaded
  • Some forest assets are a lot more optimized now
  • Player oxygen system added - player will now start drowning when the oxygen meter runs out
  • Smaller install size - 10GB down to 7GB
  • Stars are much brighter at night
  • Lots and lots of general cleanup and improvements with the entire game

Networking Edit

  • Much more efficient network layer (processing is about 10x faster than before)
  • More efficient entity priority system
  • Client joins server slightly faster - "Joining World..." phase
  • Client loads the world map faster - "Loading World.."
  • Server synchronizes data to clients faster - "Synchronizing World..." phase

Animations Edit

  • New SFP-based (Simulated First Person) animation system (still WIP)
  • Almost every player animation in the game has been updated for SFP
  • First person/third person shadows always match now
  • Tactical weapon mode - raise/lower weapon
  • DOF added to weapons when aiming
  • Aiming system improved due to new SFP mode

UI Edit

  • Added Oxygen meter display to the stats bar
  • Modified the temperature meter display to show the player's temperature in Celsius

AI Edit

  • Much more efficient AI pathfinding system

Anti-cheat Edit

  • EAC updated to latest version

Sounds Edit

  • Weapon shot reverb sounds working

Vehicles Edit

  • Horns and lights are synchronized to all players

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