This is a hotfix for Patch #23

Game Edit

  • Removed the light fog weather pattern for now due to the flickering it caused
  • Fixed clan not appearing on next login if you exited the game while dead
  • Fixed recipes from learned guides not appearing on next login if you exited the game while dead
  • For any new guides learned, when you log back into the game the recipes should now be correct

Basebuilding Edit

  • Player rotation should be correctly synchronized with the server, so placed parts will appear where you expect
  • Fixed not being able to Pack up or Dismantle base parts when in a clan
  • Power cables are correctly disabled in the physics engine (helps very slightly with performance)
  • Adjusted the platforms a little to help keep dropped items from falling through them

UI Edit

  • Increased the hint display duration time, so they cycle slower and you have more time to read them
  • Another fix for cursor disappearing at times
  • Fixed some grammar and spelling mistakes in the game hints

Models/Textures Edit

  • Removed incorrect LOD on the plot sign

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