This update is only for the experimental server currently.

Game Edit

  • Fixed a potential crash when logging in and receiving information for bases

Items Edit

  • Basic crafting guides are now a little more common to find
  • Fixed the name of the Gatehouse guide

Base Building Edit

  • The light from the tiki-torch now extends further and the shadow isn't as dark
  • Fixed crash when building the gate for the gatehouse
  • Sandbags are now rotated initially to match the other parts. If you placed any, pack them up and rotate them again
  • When trying to place a plot sign it will now be red if you are too close to another base

Crafting Edit

  • Renamed Walkways to Platforms to better describe what they are
  • The 1.3m high x 4m x 4m wide platform is now a default platform for everyone
  • Fixed the 2m Tire Stack recipe so it is now craftable

UI Edit

  • Updated the descriptions for the doors to clarify their size
  • Many more crafting related icons updated

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