• VoIP fixed
  • Fix for being sent back to the server browser windows if EAC disconnects you will loading the map
  • EAC updated to latest version
  • Fixed some issues with inventories not being updated when logging in - still WIP in some cases


  • More map areas opened to the north of Sultan, Pinecrest and Brightmoor (some parts are still WIP, so expect minor issues)
  • Sandbags have been added to several locations on the map
  • Hardware shop prefab slightly updated - another new variation added
  • New "Bungalow" house added to a couple of map locations
  • More spawn locations and objects added to office buildings
  • Empty house in Brightmoor replaced with a proper prefab version


  • M40A5 rifle added
  • Magazine added for M40A5
  • Sniper scope added
  • Crafted torch added (light and particle effects still WIP) - works like flashlight, left click to turn on/off, T to melee
  • Rate of fire adjusted on the revolver and 9mm pistols


  • Fishing boat added - can carry the driver and three passengers
  • Vehicles should no longer start bouncing when exited
  • Some inventory bugs have been fixed - especially after re-logging
  • Particle effects for vehicles are now working - exhaust, etc.


  • Stowpack icons updated to match the new model from last patch
  • Action menu slightly updated so it's a little more visible in game


  • AI added to many areas where they were missing before


  • Sounds added for the fishing boat
  • Sounds added for the M40A5 (still WIP)
  • Sounds added for the torch
  • Ambient sounds added to newer map areas


  • Slight update to the revolver to fix some twitching while aiming
  • New Spiker animations - the AI skeleton now matches the player one a lot better, so we will be able to do more with AI animations in the future
  • Throwing animation reduced so it isn't as extreme now


  • Fixed missing surface type errors on 24-Hour convenience store
  • Fixed missing surface types on a few models - especially all the rocks used a lot in the caves
  • Revolver materials slightly updated to be more PBR correct
  • Optimized some bathroom textures that were excessive in size
  • Stowpack textures altered so they are not so bright
  • Carlington textures slightly updated
  • Fixed more flickering issues on floor of 24-Hour store

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