Patch #18 was released on 03/31/2015.

Game Edit

  • Fixed CryEngine issue so CPU usage is now reduced
  • Fixed the hit direction for ranged weapons when turning sharply
  • Fixed the hit direction of melee attacks with ranged weapons
  • Added in more world detail around Pincecrest and Brightmor
  • Fixed an inventory related crash for clients
  • Player corpses now will stay in the world for 15 minutes (up from 5 minutes)
  • Fixed a rare crash related to VOIP DLL
  • Altered some of the graffiti in the game

Items Edit

  • We will be going through and adjusting all of the weapons, both ranged and melee, to balance them out better and to improve their mechanics. This will be an ongoing process over the next couple of patches.
  • Adjusted damage levels on the crafted paddles and their bleed percent chances
  • Adjusted some weapon mechanics for the Model 70 (Carlington)
  • Adjusted 9mm pistol weapon mechanics
  • Adjusted .357 Python weapon mechanics

UI Edit

  • Updated VOIP icons to be more visible
  • Minor updates to the Main Menu

Sounds Edit

  • Added a flag to pistol fire animations so sounds are not cutoff
  • Adjusted all rifle fire sounds to match our pistol sound configurations (to help prevent server-wide sounds)
  • Adjusted model for the hardware shop so footstep sounds should now work in it properly

Animations Edit

  • Fixed some Model 70 (Carlington) animation issues (including when aiming)
  • Fixed some .357 Python related issues (including when aiming)
  • Fixed some 9mm pistol related issues (including when aiming)
  • Sped up crouch to stand and stand to crouch animations
  • Improved crouching animations
  • Altered Flaregun aiming to share the .357 Python's animations
  • Fixed vehicle steering animations

Models/Textures Edit

  • Optimized LODs on the Eastern Hemlock trees (adjusted colors also)
  • Optimized LODs on the White Fir trees (adjusted colors also)
  • Removed medium-sized Hemlock tress and instead replaced them with scaled down adult versions (saves texture and model space)
  • Fixed no surface type error on grass
  • Removed physics on small runway lights
  • Added physics to the antiseptic bandage, so it will now fall when dropped - improved the material as well.

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