Patch #17 went live on 03/28/2015.

Game Edit

  • Added in an experimental network DLL with more allocated memory, this will help with some network related issues.
  • OBS will now work correctly in Game Capture mode - enable Anti-Cheat Compatibility setting to use it.
  • Set the player's visible range to 300m, and vehicles to 500m. (beyond these ranges you'd need a scope)
  • You can now move items around in your inventory without getting the weight exceeded message.
  • You now no longer auto-select an item if it gets picked up directly into a storage item (backpack, etc.)
  • Increased overall gravity value to match what Crytek uses.
  • Using sys_spec 1 will now set the antialiasing mode to 1 instead of 0 (0 causes the blue screen flicker).
  • Player will now unequip the current weapon instead of the old way of trying to just hide it in certain situations.
  • Optimized view distances for some objects inside of commercial buildings.
  • Fixed some objects that were clipping through walls.

Items Edit

  • Fixed some spawn locations so less items will spawn inside walls.

UI Edit

  • Updated Main menu, VoIP, chat window, and the action menu to use the new modern look.
  • Console has been removed to prevent people from abusing it

Sounds Edit

  • All sounds now quit playing when exiting a server.
  • The heartbeat sound will no longer play when you are dead.
  • Most vehicle sounds should now play correctly and be properly attenuated
  • Tire pop sounds are now properly attenuated

Animations Edit

  • You can only kick while standing.
  • Updated melee punch animations.
  • Removed head movement during sprint animation with Model 70 rifle.
  • Changed aimposes so weapons no longer flick to the left/right when changing between first-person and third-person.
  • Adjusted many more animations so feet will now rotate correctly when moving instead of staying parallel to the ground.
  • Adjusted some firing animations so sounds won't be cut off at the end of the fire sequence.

Models/Textures Edit

  • Optimized all the utility poles to have a lot less polygons.
  • Adjusted texture colors on some assets that were too bright at night.
  • Made correct LODs for white fir trees and adjusted their bending values.
  • Hemlock LODs and materials adjusted.

Hotfix 17a - 3/29/2015 Edit

  • Fixed crash caused by using the second primary slot which isn't supported yet.
  • Fixed crash caused by equipping an item contained inside another item

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