Game Edit

  • Increasing max players back to 16 on a live servers - 24 on experimental servers
  • EasyAntiCheat updated
  • Optimized compression policies to reduce network traffic
  • Increased amount of bandwidth a server can use
  • Fixed client-side crash when moving vehicle items
  • Fixed server-side crash when moving inventory items
  • Two dirt-race tracks added (one small and one large)
  • Adjusted tree bending values
  • Current weapon is unequipped when entering a vehicle
  • New cave system added (still WIP)
  • Fixed prefab with mattress clipping through the tent
  • Added new military tent prefab


  • Vehicle control/responsiveness is now a lot better when driving a vehicle
  • Adjust some spawn locations/alignments
  • Updated burn position on the f100 truck
  • Adjusted collision and damage modifiers for vehicles
  • Adjusted damage when quadbike is in water (doesn't blow up as fast)
  • Adjusted when quadbike starts emitting smoke/burn effects, new fx added as well
  • In f100 truck, first passenger now takes window seat - no more automatic snuggling
  • Adjusted view rotation ranges in third person for all vehicles
  • Experimental wind emitters added behind vehicles
  • Optimized network traffic for vehicles
  • Adjusted f100 water buoyancy/damage settings
  • Updated f100 headlights to look better
  • Adjusted f100 handling


  • Updated particle effect for Flaregun
  • Updated smoke grenades textures and physics proxies


  • Updated inventory to fix some issues introduced in the last patch
  • High resolution splashscreen image added
  • Updated EAC window background image
  • New mouse cursor to match the new UI design
  • Fixed storage windows position when viewing items inside of vehicles
  • Inventory cannot be opened while swimming


  • Disabled kicking while crouched
  • Updating kick animations
  • Updated punching animations
  • Fixed flashlight animations so it's useful again while walking/running
  • Model 70 animations updated
  • One-handed melee weapon animations updated
  • Adjusted many animations - mainly melee and pistol


  • Fixed a lot of textures so they downscale correctly for lower texture spec settings
  • Removed some house textures that were being loaded, but not used
  • Many more textures optimized, unused textures removed
  • Added LODs for some buildings

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