Patch #12 - 02/02/2015 Edit

Most of this patch is already on the live servers, but we're making it official now, and adding in a couple of new changes - both of which are to help with network traffic and to see if they help with the stuck at Synchronizing world state issue

New Changes Edit

  • On death, a player drops whatever item they were holding.
  • When items are spawned in they are no longer physicalized, so they won't bounce around and settle - reduces network traffic. They use a new system to place the items as well, so they shouldn't float above surfaces.

Moved the following changes from the experimental to live servers:

Game Edit

  • [ Updated ] EAC to latest version - should fix the dll crash and black game capture screen.
  • [ Updated ] Adjusted several network related configuration variables.
  • [ Updated ] Altered way backpack contents are sent to clients.
  • [ Changed ] Player corpses disappear if not interacted with for a while.

World Edit

  • [ Updated ] Fixed offset fridge in one of the houses.

Materials/Models Edit

  • [ Updated ] Textures for several clothes so they look slightly better.
  • [ Fixed ] Missing texture on window of one of the houses.