The Motorboat is a Vehicle in Miscreated.

Overview Edit

The Motorboat is a powered boat which seats up to 4 Players. It is used as a quick way of getting around the rivers and shores.

Like all land-based Vehicles, the Motorboat requires servicing with Spark Plugs, a Battery, Diesel Fuel, and Oil before it can be used.

It would be best to push the Motorboat onto the shore or bank when leaving it for a while, as currents can sometimes cause it to drift.

Currently, standing up in the Motorboat while it moves on the shore causes one's health to drop dramatically. Be very careful getting in and out.

Certain water eddies can cause the boat to tip, especially if there is a concentration of fish or rocks underneath. The river that goes toward Pinecrest is particularly dangerous.

Basic controls Edit

Enter the boat and sit down on the rear seat. Push R key to turn on the motor engine. Use WASD keys to move it. Keep W key pushed to gain speed.