Navigating Edit

Around Orca Island you'll be able to find a lot of road-signs scattered around, that will give you information about where you're heading. Also as of patch #31, an In-Game map has been added, a map that you can actually find in the world, and equip it in your hands, to navigate with.

The red colors on the map are only temporary, as they currently mark the "end" of the map, which is stil being worked on actively by the level designers.

2015-07-07 00002

The real map

Another ingame map found as a sign near the beach.

Orca Island Edit

Orca Island measures approximately 8km by 8km, giving it a total area of about 64 square kilometres. Some parts of the island are still in development. In order to avoid players ending up in a vast desolate wasteland before content has been created, invisible walls have been implemented. The eventual plan is to remove and/or relocate these invisible walls as more of the world is fleshed out.

In-game Map Edit

Since the last updates, the game is now furnished with an equippable in game map! This map can be put in one of the belt slots and the player can equip it by pressing the corresponding key(5/6). Also, the player can consult it using his first person view.

Gallery Edit

Guided Tour of Current Map (11-18-2014)

LCBradley3k has posted this guided tour of the map on YouTube.