The M40A5 is a ranged weapon and can be equipped in the Primary Slots.

As a sniper rifle of the game, the M40A5 has a picatinny rail which allows the player to optionally attach a sniper scope. The sniper scope allows the player to engage distant targets that are otherwise too far away to be drawn on-screen. Targets in the area may be so far away that they do not hear a gunshot. The scope has two levels of magnification- accessed by rolling the mouse wheel up or down.

Currently, the weapon, sniper scope, and required ammunition are rare spawns and any player who manages to acquire all 3 components is considerably lucky. The rifle may spawn with ammunition next to it.

Contains 2 'Attachment' slots - one is used for ammo.

Items that can be attached to this weapon:

Game Bugs and IssuesEdit

If the player leaves the weapon equipped with attachments (sniper scope or ammunition) upon logging off the server- then the attachments will have disappeared from the weapon upon logging back in.

A workaround is to take these attachments off of the weapon prior to logging off or exiting the game.

This does not happpen in all cases.

Trivia Edit

  • The rifle is based off the M40A5 variant of the USMC M40 sniper rifle.


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