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The Light Machine Gun is a fully-automatic, belt-fed light machine gun that fires the 5.56×45mm cartridge. It can only be equipped in Primary Slots.

Overview Edit

The Light Machine Gun is a machine gun designed to be small and light enough to be man portable, while being capable of sustained automatic fire. It fires belted 5.56×45mm cartridges from 100-round plastic box magazines.

The Light Machine Gun's magazine capacity, rate of fire, and damage make give it a very high Damage Per Second (DPS) rating. Its immense firepower makes it effective against Players, Mutants, and even Vehicles. Its ability to lay down suppressive fire makes it especially valuable in firefights.

Although powerful, Light Machine Gun does come with several drawbacks. Weighing 9.5kg, the Light Machine Gun is a heavy weapon. While wielded, its user suffers a significant speed reduction, more so than any other Weapon in Miscreated. Due to the weapon's recoil, continuous automatic fire may make muzzle climb difficult to control, consequently making the weapon inaccurate at longer ranges.

The Light Machine Gun, like the M40A5 sniper rifle, is by far one of the rarest spawning Weapons on Orca Island.

Supported Attachments Edit

The Light Machine Gun features only 1 for Attachments:

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Gallery Edit

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