The M1911-A1 is a semi-automatic, magazine-fed handgun chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. It can only be equipped in Secondary Slots.

Overview Edit

The M1911-A1 fires .45 ACP cartridges from 7-round .45 ACP magazines. Being chambered with the larger cartridge, the M1911-A1 boasts significantly higher stopping power than the 9mm Handgun, at the cost of lower magazine capacity.

Supported Attachments Edit

The M1911-A1 features 2 slots for Accessories and Attachments:

Trivia Edit

  • The M1911-A1 is based on the Colt M1911A1
  • Despite the given A1 name, the variant in-game is more akin to the original Colt M1911 due to the grips

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