Consumables Edit

Food Edit

Drinks Edit

Weapons Edit

Melee Edit

Ranged Edit

Guns Edit

Throwables Edit

Crafting, components & equipment Edit

Equipment Edit

Crafting Items Edit

  • Ply Wood
  • Large Bag

Vehicle Parts Edit

Camp Craft Edit

Attire Edit

Shoulders Edit

Hats and Helmets Edit

  • Welding Helmet

Masks Edit

Eyes Edit

Shirts Edit

Vests Edit

Gloves Edit

Pants Edit

Shoes and Boots Edit

Neckwear Edit

BackPacks Edit

Body Armor Edit

Medical Edit

Weapon Attachments and Ammo Edit

Ammo Edit

Weapon Attachments Edit

Base Building, Traps, and Tents Edit


Traps Edit

  • Bear Trap
  • Propane Tank

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