The largest backpack in the game. While it weights only slightly more than a Rugged Pack, a duffel bag has 5 slots of extra capacity. It does not however increase the Weight limit. Duffel Bags come in a variety of colors and are a valued possession on Orca Island. The Duffel Bag's large silhouette is easily distinguished and can make the carrier a target of the envious.

Duffel bags are mainly found in army tents and barracks.

Slot capacity : 20


  • Tan
  • Tan Camo 1
  • Tan Camo 2
  • Tan Camo 3
  • Tan Camo 4
  • Black
  • Green
  • Green Camo 1
  • Green Camo 2
  • Green Camo 3
  • Green Camo 4
  • Urban Camo 1
  • Urban Camo 2
  • Urban Camo 3
  • Urban Camo 4

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