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The "Crazy", or "Skinny Pete" is the other type of mutant present in Miscreated.

Unlike the Spiker, the crazy does not bear evident marks of genetic mutations, and has no melee weapon to speak of. Rather he looks like an inhabitant of the world gone crazy, still clothed and emaciated from the harshes of the post-apocalypse.

Behavioral AnalysisEdit

Skinny Pete shares the same behavior as his fellow Spiker, he will attack the player on sight given that the player enters a certain range, and the mutant's possible line of sight.

He will attack the player after rushing towards him using his claw-like hands, and will do so until the player is dead, has left his attack range, or kills him.

Health and AttackEdit

Mutants are strong, trying to beat them with fists is fighting a losing battle. Each hit a mutant manages to land will hurt the player for 10-11 HP, and has a chance of creating bleeding on the player and if they start screaming, they will sometimes throw rocks at you. and you will get dizzy. same goes for the Spiker

A mutant will go down after 3 hits from an axe.


Mutants have inventory and drop various loot.


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