Survivors can craft items through the crafting menu, accessed from a tab in the inventory screen. Harvested resources and looted items can be combined to make a useful item or structure.

Each survivor starts with basic crafting knowledge which can be enhanced by finding various crafting recipes throughout Orca Island.

Craftable items Edit

Cloth / Backpacks
Horseshoepack46 Horseshoe Pack
Cloth / Bags
Largebag46 Large Bag
Cloth / Ropes
Rope46 Rope
Hide / Equipment / Waterskins
Deerwaterskin46 Deer Waterskin
Wolfwaterskin46 Wolf Waterskin
Medical / Bandages
AdvancedBandage 48 Antiseptic Bandage
Lock40Medical 1 AntibioticBandage 48 Antibiotic Bandage
Other / Lights
Largefatcandle46 Large Fat Candle
Smallfatcandle46 Small Fat Candle
Rock / Campfires
Campfire46 Campfire
Sand / Bags
Singlesandbag46 Single Sand Bag Fill a Large Bag with sand
Sandbagwall46 1x1 Sand Bag Wall
Sandbagwall46 1x3 Sand Bag Wall
Sandbagwall46 1.3x1 Sand Bag Wall
Sandbagwall46 1.3x3 Sand Bag Wall
Structures / Metal / Barriers
Barbedwire46 2m Barbed Wire
Barbedwire46 4m Barbed Wire
Structures / Metal / Components
Sheetmetal46 Sheet Metal
Structures / Tire / Stacks
Tirestack46 1m Tire Stack
Tirestack46 1.3m Tire Stack
Tirestack46 2m Tire Stack
Lock40Tires 1 Tirestack46 3m Tire Stack
Lock40Tires 1 Tirestack46 4m Tire Stack
Structures / Wood / Components
Lumber Icon Lumber
Shelterpole46 Shelter Pole
Shelterwallpanel46 Shelter Wall Panel
Woodfloorpanel46 Wood Floor Panel
Furniturepanel46 Furniture Panel
Woodramppanel46 Wood Ramp Panel
Lock40Curved Parts Woodfloorpanel46 Wood Curve Panel
Woodwallpanel46 Wood Wall Panel
Structures / Wood / Doors
Woodendoor46 Wooden Door
Lockabledoor46 Lockable Door
Structures / Wood / Drying Racks
Dryingrack46 Drying Rack
Structures / Wood / Furniture
Logbench146 Log Bench (3 Variants)
Logtable46 Log Table
Woodchair46 Wood Chair
Woodcoffeetable46 Wood Coffee Table
Woodtable46 Wood Table
Structures / Wood / Lights
Tikitorche46 Tiki Torch
Structures / Wood / Other
Plotsign46 Plot Sign
Lock40Gates 3 Wood Gatehouse Gate
Lock40Gates 3 Wood Gatehouse
Structures / Wood / Platforms
0x4x4platform46 0x4x4 Platform
13x1x1platform46 1.3x1x1 Platform
13x3x1platform46 1.3x3x1 Platform
13x4x4platform 1.3x4x4 Platform
Lock40Platforms 1 13x4x4platform 2x1x1 Platform
Lock40Platforms 1 13x4x4platform 2x3x1 Platform
Lock40Platforms 1 13x4x4platform 2x4x4 Platform
Lock40Platforms 2 3x4x4AngledRoof 3x4x4 Angled Roof
Lock40Platforms 2 3x4x4PlatformStairs 3x4x4 Platform w/Stairs
Lock40Platforms 2 3x4x4Platform 3x1x1 Platform
Lock40Platforms 2 3x4x4Platform 3x3x1 Platform
Lock40Platforms 2 3x4x4Platform 3x4x4 Platform
Lock40Curved Parts 1.3x4x4CurvePlatform 1.3x4x4 Curve Platform
Lock40Curved Parts 1.3x4x4CurvePlatform 2x4x4 Curve Platform
Lock40Curved Parts 1.3x4x4CurvePlatform 3x4x4 Curve Platform
Structures / Wood / Ramps
Ramp46 0-1x3x1 Ramp
Lock40Ramps 1 Ramp46 0-1x3x3 Ramp
Ramp46 0-2x1 Ramp
Lock40Ramps 1 Ramp46 0-2x3 Ramp
Ramp46 1.3-2x1 Ramp
Lock40Ramps 1 Ramp46 1.3-2x3 Ramp
Lock40Ramps 1 Ramp46 2-3x1 Ramp
Lock40Ramps 2 Ramp46 1.3-3x3 Ramp
Lock40Ramps 2 Ramp46 1.3-3x1 Ramp
Lock40Ramps 2 Ramp46 2-3x3 Ramp
Structures / Wood / Shelter
Smallleanto46 Small Leanto
Smallcamoleanto46 Small Camo Leanto
Shelterwall46 1.3x1 Shelter Wall
Camowall46 1.3x1 Camo Wall
Shelterwall46 1x2 Shelter Wall
Camowall46 1x2 Camo Wall
Shelterwall46 2x1.3 Shelter Wall
Camowall46 2x1.3 Camo Wall
Shelterwall46 2x2 Shelter Wall
Camowall46 2x2 Camo Wall
Shelterwall46 4x1.3 Shelter Wall
Camowall46 4x1.3 Camo Wall
Shelterwall46 4x2 Shelter Wall
Camowall46 4x2 Camo Wall
Structures / Wood / Storage
Smallwoodcrate46 Small Wood Crate
Lock40Storage 1 Smallwoodcrate46 Large Wood Crate
Structures / Wood / Traps
Lock40Traps 1 Punji 2x2 Punji Sticks
Lock40Traps 2 Pallisade 3m Wood Palisade
Lock40Traps 2 Punji 2x2 Punji Poisened
Structures / Wood / Walls
Wall46 1.3x1 Wall
Wall46 1.3x2 Wall
Lock40Wall 1 Wall46 1.3x4 Wall
Wall46 2x1 Wall
Wall46 2x2 Wall
Lock40Wall 2 Wall46 2x4 Wall
Lock40Wall 1 Wall46 3x1 Wall
Lock40Wall 1 Wall46 3x2 Wall
Lock40Wall 2 Wall46 3x4 Wall
Lock40Wall 2 Wooddoorframe Wood Door Frame
Lock40Wall 2 Woodwindowframe Wood Window Frame
Lock40Wall 2 Wooddoorframe 3x4 Wall Door
  • 1 x Wood Door Frame
  • 1 x 3x4 Wall
Lock40Wall 2 Woodwindowframe 3x2 Wall Window
  • 1 x Wood Window Frame
  • 1 x 3x2 Wall
Lock40Wall 2 Woodwindowframe 3x4 Wall Window
  • 1 x Wood Window Frame
  • 1 x 3x4 Wall
Lock40Electrical 1 Powerpole46 Power Pole
Lock40Electrical 1 Placeableworklight46 Placeable Work Light
Lock40Electrical 1 Placeablegenerator46 Placeable Generator
Weapons / Arrows
Arrowx8 000P 48 8 x Poisoned Al-Arrows
Arrowx8 00R0 48 8 x Irradiated Al-Arrows
Arrowx8 00RP 48 8 x Stalkers Al-Arrows
Arrowx8 0B00 48 8 x Barbed Al-Arrows
Arrowx8 0B0P 48 8 x Black Widow Al-Arrows
Arrowx8 0BR0 48 8 x Spooky Al-Arrows
Arrowx8 0BRP 48 8 x Certain Death Al-Arrows
Arrowx8 F000 48 8 x Fire Al-Arrows
Weapons / Bolts
Boltx5 000P 48 Poisoned Al-Bolts
Boltx5 00R0 48 Irradiated Al-Bolts
Boltx5 00RP 48 Stalkers Al-Bolts
Boltx5 0B00 48 Barbed Al-Bolts
Boltx5 0B0P 48 Black Widow Al-Bolts
Boltx5 0BR0 48 Spooky Al-Bolts
Boltx5 0BRP 48 Certain Death Al-Bolts
Boltx5 F000 48 Fire Al-Bolts
Weapons / Melee
Lock40Melee 1 Miscreatednailnucklesicon Nail Knuckles
Nailspaddle46 Nails Paddle
Torch46 Torch
Woodenpaddle46 Wooden Paddle
Lock40 BaseballBatNails 48 Nailed Bat
Lock40 BaseballBatScrapNails 48 Nailed Scrap Bat
Lock40Melee 1 FahQ Paddle
Weapons / Throwable
Molotovcocktail46 Molotov Cocktail
Pipebomb46 Pipebomb