Miscreated: Full List Of Control Edit

Action Keyboard / Mouse
Use/Pickup/Open Fp
Action Menu Down Mousewheel Down
Action Menu Up Mousewheel Up
Third/First-Person Camera F1
Drop Item J
Primary Attack Left Mousebutton
Raise/Lower Weapon Tab
Hold Breath (VoIP Whisper) L-Shift
Reload R
Switch Firemode X
Freelook Alt
Zoom / Ironsight (if raised) Right Mousebutton
Zoom In Mousewheel Up
Zoom Out Mousewheel Down
Switch Third-Person Shoulder B
Melee Kick V
Melee Primary Punch T
Primary Slot 1 1
Secondary Slot 2 2
Secondary Slot 3 3
Primary Slot 4 4
Move Forward W
Move Back S
Move Left A
Move Right D
Lean Left Q
Lean Right E
Walk (VoIP Whisper) Middle Mousebutton
Sprint LShift
Crouch LCtrl
Jump Space
Sit Comma
Inventory/Gear G
Chat Enter
Switch Chat Channel Period
Voice Chat Capslock
Radio: Channel Up Page Up
Radio: Channel Down Page Down
Radio: Switch Bands Home
Headtracking Recenter RCtrl
Headtracking Supress RAlt
Vehicle Exit F
Vehicle Camera Mode F1
Vehicle Start Engine R
Vehicle Horn E
Vehicle Lights L
Vehicle Brakes Space
Vehicle Forward W
Vehicle Backward S
Vehicle Turn Left A
Vehicle Turn Right D
Emote: Hands Up F2
Emote: Wave F3
Emote: Middle Finger F4
Emote: Stop F5
Emote: Come Here F6
Emote: Thumbs Up F7
Emote: Thumps Down F8
Emote: Shhh (VoIP Whisper) F9
Emote: Point Finger F10
Emote: Whistle (Sound) F11

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