The bus is by far the largest vehicle in the game, capable of holding a maximum of 29 people inside. However, its size can be its greatest downfall, as it is one of the slowest vehicles in the game. Along with this, it is very easy to get stuck while off-road and in more narrow passageways. It is advised to stay on the roads with this vehicle, and be extremely careful while maneuvering through broken down cars. While the bus is very helpful for carrying very large groups of people, such as a clan, it's probably a better idea to find a sedan or even an armored truck when traveling in smaller groups.

Stook boos

A bus that had gotten stuck on an incline


Side view of a bus

The bus can usually be found in Hayward Valley, specifically placed on the Easternmost road with the gas station leading into the city. It can also be generally found in different towns around the game world, such as Woodhaven and Brightmoor.

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