A charging Brute.

The Brute, sometimes referred to as the Fatso, is one of the Mutants in Miscreated.

Basic Info Edit

Behavior Edit

The Brute is occasionally found wandering in any of the Locations around Orca Island.

The Brute has a relatively small aggravation range, and will attack any Players that wander too close and/or into its line of sight. Like all other Mutants, the Brute is attracted to gunfire, explosions, whistles, and movement noise.

When provoked, a Brute will continue to attack until it perishes, or kills its target. The Brute will not follow Players indefinitely - it will stop attacking and return to its roaming once the Player is out of its follow range. Brutes are sometimes accompanied by Mutant Hounds.

Appearance Edit

The Brute is by far the biggest and strongest of all the Mutants found on Orca Island. It appears to have experienced the most extensive physical mutations of any other Mutant, with the most obvious traits being its abnormally increased muscle mass and enormous bulk.

Loot Edit

Mutants have an Inventory and drop various Loot. Brutes are known for their good Loot, including a good drop rate for Crafting guides.

Combat Edit

General Edit

Patch38 brute

A Player taking cover from a charging Brute

As with all other Mutants, the Brute attacks a Player with physical blows, using its arms as Melee weapons. Every hit it lands does 20% of damage to a player's Health, with a chance of causing Bleeding to their targets.

Strategy Edit

  • If a Brute is accompanied by Mutant Hounds, it is advised to dispatch the Hounds first, as they are much easier to kill. Doing so reduces the amount of threats a Player needs to face, meaning he/she can focus his/her remaining attacks on the Brute
  • To avoid being cornered, lure Brutes into open areas. This also allows for more tactical options, such as maneuvering space and retreats
  • When engaging with Firearms, always aim for the the Brute's head. All headshots come with a 10× damage multiplier. This reduces the amount of ammunition and time needed to take down a Brute considerably
  • When provoked, Mutants will let out a roar and go through a roaring animation, before turning to engage the Player that provoked it. Take advantage of this pause to take aim for the head and/or land a few hits with a Firearm

Dangers Edit

  • It is unwise to engage Brutes with Melee weapons. They are incredibly strong adversaries, known for their high health and hard-hitting attacks
  • A Brute's attacks do 20% of damage to a player's Health per hit, easily killing Players, at full health, in 4 to 5 strikes
  • Brutes are sometimes accompanied by Mutant Hounds

Weakness Edit

  • A mutant's top speed is slightly lower than that of a Player on foot - they are not able to keep pace with a Player at full sprint

Gallery Edit

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