The "Brute" or "Fatso" is a type of mutant present in Miscreated. It is a bigger variant of other mutants, bulging with muscle. In natural places (like near forests) they're often seen with mutant hounds. A Brute will attack any players or wildlife on sight.


The Brute Mutant

Behavioral Analysis Edit

Mutants roam in a zone of about 25 meters (this needs to be verified); they will attack players that are sprinting around them by rushing towards them.

Mutants will not follow the player indefinitely and will stop attacking and return to their roaming zones once the player is out of their follow range.


A player posing after defeating a Brute in Brightmoor

Brute Mutants will sometimes have mutant hounds with them.

Mutants are a bit slower than players, so outrunning them  for survival is always an option.

Health and Attack Edit

Brute mutants are very strong, they will kill a player in 3-4 attacks. Each hit doing about 20% damage (20 HP)

Each hit a mutant manages to land will severely damage the player and has a chance of creating a bleeding effect.

However, it can be killed with continuous fire from an AKM or Assault rifle that has rapid fire shooting. WARNING! These mutants CANNOT be killed with one simple head shot. They are very hard to defeat.


Brute mutants are known for their good loot and are often hunted for it, they have a good drop rate for crafting plans.

Farming Brute mutants is done with a car or similar four-wheeled vehicle (not the ATV though), you hit them twice and they die. They do not aggro you.

Other techniques involve multiple players, one aggravates the brute while the others shoot it from a distance. Not to mention if you make it chase you until it gives up it will start to walk the other way and somehow not attack you until it starts lurking instead of just walking away. Use this chance to hit it with an axe several times.

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