Beanies, or knitted caps are traditionally used to keep one's head warm during cold weather. Made from wool or synthetic materials, their main function is to cover the scalp reducing the risk of freezing one's brain. While Beanies aren't produced anymore, they remain a common sight on Orca Island. A large variety of colors and patterns are available for the individuals with more fashion sense than your average Skinny Pete.

As a crafting recipe, beanies can be made exchanged for a single rag, which can be useful when a player is suffering from the bleeding effect and has no available rags or bandages.

color icon
Brown BeanieBrown 48
Brown and White BeanieBrownWhite 48
Green BeanieGreenGreen 48
Orange and Yellow BeanieOrangeYellow 48
Pink BeaniePinkPink 48
White BeanieWhite 48