The Baggage Cart is a trolley that seats two in the front, and one in the back. Usually used in airports. It is highly maneuverable, but not very fast. It has no roof protection, making players using it rather vulnerable. To make matters worse, it can barely damage mutants even at full speed, making it exclusively for transportation.

Notable Spawns:

-The Beachside Barracks at Amalgamated Airfield.

-The Parking Lot right next to the above place, Amalgamated Airfield.

-2 different hangers at Amalgamated Airfield.

-The gas station right past the bridge nearest the Sultan Church.

These are just a few notable spawns. Feel free to expand on this list, or better yet, add a map of all known Baggage Cart spawns. Or don't, no one even likes this thing lmao.

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