The ATV is a 4-wheel quad-bike, which can carry 2 persons. It lacks any roof or sidewalls, making players on it very vulnerable. It has a unique engine sound it shares with the Baggage Cart which is slightly quieter then a standard engine. It also has a higher-pitched horn. The ATV is a very useful vehicle, being very easy to hide. It's very fuel efficient, getting around 50% oil and fuel per usage. It can even be flipped over by pressing "F" by default while it is upside-down or sideways.

Notable Spawns:

-Route 88 Gas Station parking lot in Brightmoor

-Next to Radio Towers.

-The white house next to the lone store in between Pinecrest and Brightmoor.

These are not all spawns, and just note a few. Feel free to add more accurate ones, or better yet, a map of all ATV spawns (Only ATV spawns, preferably.)

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