The AT-12 Shotgun is a ranged weapon and can be equipped in the Primary Slots.

The shotgun is an excellent all purpose weapon as it can hold 8 rounds of ammunition within the magazine. The AT-12 also functions as a pump-action shotgun.

Contains one 'Attachment' slot - for ammo. (Developers have mentioned in the future there will be weapon attachments.)

Sometimes found with a box of 12 Gauge Buckshot or 12 Gauge Slug next to it.

Ammunition types for this weapon:

  • 12 Gauge Buckshot - Fires a spread of large pellets, extremely lethal at close range. Significantly loses power and accuracy over distance.
  • 12 Gauge Slug - Fires a single, large slug. More accuracy and range compared to Buckshot, but less damage.
  • Bean bag round

Trivia Edit

  • The AT-12 Shotgun is based on the Ithaca 37.

Gallery Edit

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