The AT-12 Shotgun is a pump-action shotgun that fires 12-gauge ammunition. It can only be equipped in Primary Slots.

Overview Edit

The AT-12 Shotgun fires 12-gauge ammunition. The weapon features a walnut stock, a cobalt blue steel barrel and receiver, as well as a hair trigger.

Compared with the 870 Tactical 12ga, the AT-12 Shotgun has a slightly lower rate of fire, and is also 1kg heavier.

Supported Attachments Edit

The AT-12 Shotgun features only 1 slot for Ammunition:

  •  12-gauge ammunition
    •  12-Gauge Buckshot - Fires a spread of large pellets, extremely lethal at close range. Significantly loses power and accuracy over distance
    •  12-Gauge Slug - Fires a single, large slug. More accuracy and range compared to Buckshot, but less damage
    •  12-Gauge Bean Bag - Fires a single white bullet that does slight damage and a fair bit of torpidity, being able to knock out players in 2 to 3 hits

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