The .357 Revolver is a ranged weapon and can be equipped in one of the Secondary Slots.

This firearm is the classic, standard issue police firearm. Fires slower than the 9mm Handgun, but does a lot more damage. Great for short to medium range combat. The cylinder holds 6 rounds. When the apocalypse happens, don't dial 911. Chamber a .357

Only has one slot for .357 Rounds, the Revolver is incompatible with all current attachments.

Sometimes found with .357 Rounds next to it.

Ammunition types for this weapon:

Game Bugs and Issues Edit

As you can see in the picture in the gallery, there's a known bug where the ammo is shown clipping near the gun trigger.

Trivia Edit

  • The .357 Revolver is based on the Colt Python with a 6" barrel. The variant in-game also contains a nickel finish and Colt marked rubber combat grips.

Gallery Edit

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